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Information security and assurance for all, as one.


Russ McRee's is dedicated to sharing information security content and resources in an open, clear manner, with the hope of helping improve infosec for all who seek to do so. Information security is best broken down to the most simple components: best practices and common sense. The threat-scape facing an information security practitioner is perpetually dynamic; we must adapt and evolve as do those threats. endeavors to aid in that process through dynamic content and timely topics in toolsmith. As well we know, those who would do harm never rest: protect your own.

Practice simplicity

Seek to be proactive, rather than reactive

Think creatively, but adhere to standards

Employ best practices

Award winning toolsmith offers insights on tools useful to the information security practitioner, typically open source and free. Older article copies are available on the toolsmith page. Current content is here.